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Why LEMON Leadership?

GNR(Good News Recruiting) Korea provides a leadership
consulting service of 'LEMON Leadership' from 'Institute'
based in California, US.

LEMON Leadership is also applied in talent consulting
as well.

It is often stated that there is no shortage of ideas or capital, but that we have a drastic shortage of leaders.
The response to this has been a deluge of books and courses on how to lead. However, we live in a culture
that is structured around accumulating knowledge but ignoring mechanisms to really find out who we are.
The LEMON Leadership¢ç is not a ¡°How To¡± of leadership, but a ¡°Who are you?¡± program that examines
who you are, rather than what you do.
Good leaders lead out of their identity. One¡¯s leadership style, university background or ethnicity are far less
important. The key is to know what type of leader you are. There are 5 types of leaders, of which each of us
is a combination. One can understand each type at a high level by understanding the focus and key question
each type asks.

The Luminary lives in the world of Ideas and asks the question Why?
The Entrepreneur lives in the world of Opportunities and asks the question When?
The Manager lives in the world of Systems and asks the question How?
The Organizer lives in the world of Tasks and asks the question What?
The Networker lives in the world of Connections and asks the question Who?

[ LEMON Leadership in Corporations ]

For leaders of a corporation, advanced application of LEMON Leadership can guide product development,
improve operational efficiency, inform career development and improve overall collaboration and communication.

Advanced LEMON courses include :

LEMON Communications
Team building and Team dynamics
LEMON Leadership and Operational Efficiency
Growth paths for LEMONs
LEMON Leadership and Innovation

* Below are example situations where LEMON Leadership had significant impact within executive teams
* and across organizations.
Shortening project cycles A government in gave a company three months to complete a project, but said it could not be done. Instead of following their normal approach, they assigned people to the team based on LEMON profiles, and the project was completed in seven weeks.
Operational Efficiency A company had put a Networker in charge of Inventory Management; needless to say, this person had little idea about how much product was in inventory, and was more interested in keeping people happy than keeping track of inventory. They reassigned the employee.
Career development We have seen numerous people reassigned to positions better suited to their LEMON Profile, making them more happy, and the corporation more effective.
Knowing which staff to keep A client in hired a new compliance VP, and she was about to fire people who were not the same LEMON profile as herself. We advised her that she needed to keep these people to turn the department around. We taught these non-Managers to speak her language.
Communications breakdown A network marketing company had only one primary Networker in its corporate office of 125 people. The field sales force of 250,000 people was made up of mostly Networker/Entrepreneurs. This caused numerous conflicts between the field and the home office. We then taught the home office execs and staff to speak Networker-speak and the relationships improved.
Assessing business opportunities A senior manager (L,E) proposed a business idea to a colleague (M,O) who did not believe he had done enough analysis (for her taste) so she killed the idea. LEMON helped them understand why they had a breakdown.
Improving collaboration between departments A software development company had struggles between I.T. and Product Management. We assessed both departments and ran a joint workshop. The conversation removed the negative politics from the inter-department relationship, and improved collaboration and product development.
Product development A company with a strong corporate culture that forced its directors to do the work of Managers and Organizers was stifling innovation. Once the execs and directors realized their profiles, they could contribute more fully.
Executive conflict Two senior leaders in a government entity were not getting along, to the point where one filed a complaint against the other. We conducted a LEMON Assessment, and met with them separately and together. After this intervention the relationship was de-politicized and action could be taken.
Customer communications A medical practice sent the same, generic communications to all patients. Once they went through LEMON they began to profile patients and tailor information to them.

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